Planet consideration


The geographical position of the Sun-
Sun is the closest star to the Earth in terms of astronomy which is lit up by its own light, while other planets are illum... Read more

Mar 13, 2021

What Is The Principal Of Building Construction

1-Land Testing After studying Indian Vastu Shastra and scientific consideration and thinking, land selection for the building is of primary importance . The more the land is strong and auspicious the more building would be blocked and strong. So, the selection of... Read more

Mar 13, 2021

There Are Two Types of Lines in Hand

TYPES OF HANDS – Various figures of hands are revealed under this part, the future of the person is decided through hand and fingers of his hand etc. After observation of the palmistry, some special shape of hands is noted –

1.The hand of the lower class
2.Squar... Read more

Mar 13, 2021

Depending on the basis of astrology, how can a person’s future be known?

Zodiac order number

  • Aries 1
    • Taurus 2
    • Gemini 3
    • Cancer 4
    • Lion 5
    • Virgo 6
    • Libra 7
    • Scorpio 8
    • Sagittarius 9

Since the n... Read more

Mar 13, 2021

Results of falling lizard upon the various body parts

At the time of falling lizard on the body, whatever clothes worn at that time, should be continued till completing bath . Then we should donate sesame seeds, black gram, ghee and as much wealth as we can. Reciting the Mahamritunjay mantra would be beneficial.

ORGAN          ... Read more

Mar 13, 2021

Mole in the body and their auspicious and inauspicious effects

Body parts                           Results
Mole on the forehead-  To get wealthy
Right side of the forehead – Increase in dignity
In the mid of the Eyebrow... Read more

Mar 13, 2021

Blinking of limbs and their effects

Why does our limb trembles? What causes the vibrations of the body?

We will make you aware of the good-bad effects of vibrations of the limbs, and also tell the results of the vibrations of different body parts.

ORGAN              &... Read more

Mar 13, 2021

Ram Shlaka Questionnaire, everything is hidden in Ramcharitmanas, a solution to all your problems.

There are occasions in life when we are facing ups and downs and do not understand which path to choose. In order to overcome this deviation, a precious method or keystone has been received from the tradition of Shri Ram Shlaka questionnaire or Ramayana questionnaire. People believe that the origin of Sri Ram Shlaka is from Valmiki’s epic ... Read more

Mar 13, 2021

Why does sexual problems occur? We will get to know through astrology.

We often say that astrology is the subject of contemplation and study. It is an incomparable heritage given to us by our saints and sages , through which we can know all the good and bad events that occur in the future and can calm its inauspicious effects. Today, as much as our faith is on science, the same we have on astrology also. Only throu... Read more

Mar 13, 2021

Why are there difference in love? Know with the help of astrology.

It is said that love is a divine feeling , which happens when the two hearts meet . When in love, people ignore good or bad habits of partner or you can say no flaws matters at all when love happens. We just want to do something for our beloved, to spend the whole life with her, worry about her problems and keep her happy. Just a glimpse of our ... Read more

Mar 13, 2021

Problems related to Children

Have you ever thought that there are certain changes in every child in their puberty period ? Some changes are good some are bad. What is the reason that our children follow the wrong path and bad company.

Parents want to give their children good education and bright future according to their potential. And these children adopt bad ha... Read more

Mar 13, 2021

Crow’s touch interpretation

Everything is analysed in astrology. Whether that thing is living or non-living, the good or bad effects of all can be known through astrology.
Today, we will tell you about how the touch of crow gives an impression of good and bad effects on our lives.

Negative and positive impacts of a crow’s touch.
... Read more

Mar 13, 2021

Dream interpretation

Dreams comes to everyone. Some are good whereas some makes us intimidate. We see many dreams in our daily life and try to know the basic cause why we had that particular dream and what is the effect of same in our life. It is said that the desires and lusts of human lives which remain unfulfilled, through the way of dreams , somehow gives the im... Read more

Mar 13, 2021


Choose Better Spouse by Horoscope Match:-

According to Vedic astrology, before the marriage Kundali Milan(matching) plays an important role in the marriage ceremony. This is not a ritual. It is a science. In which our mind-wisdom-soul-thoughts-mutual relations- Physical condition and fate are matched and calculated .<... Read more

Mar 13, 2021

Love problem,

Love is the most beautiful gift given to us by God. In love, we get a different view of living life. It is said that everything is fair in love and war. We have been listening many love stories since our childhood days which makes us more eager to fall in love and thus, we keep searching for true love. Someone falls in love at the early age wher... Read more

Mar 13, 2021