Blinking of limbs and their effects

Why does our limb trembles? What causes the vibrations of the body?

We will make you aware of the good-bad effects of vibrations of the limbs, and also tell the results of the vibrations of different body parts.

ORGAN                          RESULT

1 – Shaking of the head gives us the opportunity to accidentally get property.

2 – Shaking of the forehead gives us sudden land benefits.

3 – Shaking of left arm can give us unexpected love.

4 – Blinking of eyes, we suddenly meet our beloved.

5 – Shaking of eyebrows brings wealth.

6 – Shivering  of cheeks gives womanly pleasure.

7 – Shaking of Nose gives us odour pleasure

8 – Shaking  of the upper lip,  suddenly results in a kiss by woman.

9 – Shaking of the throat gives us an Sudden ornaments benefit.

10 – Shaking of the neck gives us the enemy fear.

11 – Shaking the back gives us sudden defeat.

12-Shaking of shoulders  relates to have physical relation with friend.

13- vibration of arms gives us happiness.

14 – Vibrating of hand gives us benefit of money.

15- Shaking of the chest gives us victory.

16 – Shaking of the backbone gives us true love.

17 – Shaking of the navel gives us monetary benefits by sudden travel.

18-Shaking of stomach (stomach) gives us funds.

19 – Shaking of testicular gives us son benefit.

20 – Shaking of  knee ,leads to sudden treaty with the enemy.

21- Shaking of the thigh gives to the loss and damage.

22 – Shaking of the top of the foot  gives us benefit of land.

23- Shaking of lower foot gives us sudden profit.

24 – Shaking the Right ear gives us longevity.

25- Shaking of the throat reveals our enemy’s destruction.


Mar 13, 21 06:16 pm