Dream interpretation

Dreams comes to everyone. Some are good whereas some makes us intimidate. We see many dreams in our daily life and try to know the basic cause why we had that particular dream and what is the effect of same in our life. It is said that the desires and lusts of human lives which remain unfulfilled, through the way of dreams , somehow gives the impression of completeness.

When do the dreams come true?

•    Dreams seen in brahma muhurt or before sunrise happens in our lives within ten days.
•    Dream seen in the first hour of the sleep during night takes places in a year.
•    Dream seen in the second hour of sleep during night takes place in six months.
•    The result of dream when have in the third hour of night takes place in three months.
•    The fruit of dream in the last hours of the night occurs in fifteen days.
However the dreams seen in the day is not credible. After seeing good signature dream, one should not sleep. They should spend rest of the time in nightly chanting of mantras and should not tell anyone about their dream.
In contrast after seeing the inauspicious dreams, one should fall asleep and if till morning he doesn’t get over to that nightmare, he must consult his master and a learned astrologer.
Gayatri mantra chanting, performing worship ,bathing and donating should be done for the inauspicious self-restraint.

Dreams and their meaning :-

•    If you see ring in your hand, you will get wealth and happiness.
•    If you see a mango tree in your dream, you will get pleasure from your children.
•    Of one sees guest in his dream sudden calamity comes.
•    If you see yourself falling from the sky there is a chance of your defame and an increase in anxiety.
•    If one sees bier, there is relief from disease.
•    If fire is seen then the piles related to the body are produced.
•    If you the death of any of your beloved then there is an increase in age.
•    If you see you yourself committing suicide then this also indicates growth in age.
•    If one sees failing in exams then auspicious results should be expected.
•    If you see yourself constructing a building then there are chances of promotion and financial gain.
•    If one sees owl then the disease or grief grows.
•    If one sees himself hanging upside down there is a huge chance of his insult.
•    If there is a camel in your dream then accident happens.
•    If you see yourself using scissor then there is a futile dispute in the household and family.
•    If one sees comb in his dream then the desire is fulfilled.
•    If a dog is seen in the dream one gets  a noble friend.
•    If the graveyard is seen then there is a rise in your prestige.
•    If you see a toy then happiness and peace increases.
•    If a rabbit appears in dreams one gets benefit of women.
•    If a master appears in one’s dream then success in action is achieved.
•    If you see a rose in your dream then desire is fulfilled.
•    If one see cow dung in dream there is a chance of benefit of animal from somewhere.
•    If you see bathing on the pier, then there is a chance of pilgrimage.
•    If one see himself sited on a horse he gets success.
•    If you are seen buying silver ornaments then mutual relationship breaks.
•    If you see a lizard then there is sudden financial benefit.
•    If you see an umbrella then you will get rid of anxiety.
•    If one see injury or wound then there is an increase in obstacles.
•    If one is seen playing petit then loss of money is indicated.
•    If one see storm, falling from a horse, screaming, watching a broom watching the parchment, the island, watching a thief, a doctor, a palanquin, watching the scales, watching spit, slapping, watching a closed door, watching the tailor, sewing the falling teeth, seeing the swamp, falling into river, looking naked, being thirsty, seeing shadow, giving exams, these are all inauspicious. They cause various trouble, money loss, obstruction in work, conflicts and arguments and many other like increase in anxiety.
•    If we see someone burning alive, seeing water, pick pocketing, watching cap, parrot and scales,  playing cards, donation, well-established shops, watching God – goddess and wealth, watching washerman, looking at sunshine, drinking river water , watching snakes, watching dance, watching papaya, looking at priest, looking at ancestors, Watching rain are all considered auspicious signs.
From these dreams one can expect to have gain of wealth, success in ventures, profit in business, rise in dignity, destruction of disease and all kinds of positive results in one’s life.

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