Love problem,

Love is the most beautiful gift given to us by God. In love, we get a different view of living life. It is said that everything is fair in love and war. We have been listening many love stories since our childhood days which makes us more eager to fall in love and thus, we keep searching for true love. Someone falls in love at the early age whereas others Meet the love of their life after long wait. But this is the fact that everyone of us  falls in love once in their lifetime. One who gets success in love chooses their partner as soulmate for the rest of life whereas some don’t give their relation any name still carries with them till their last breath. But not everyone is lucky. Many are devoid of love and many are living with broken hearts.
What is the reason for it? Or what is the problem of break up ?

The main reasons for love breakdown are :-
•    Not able to express the feelings.
•    Difference in thinking.
•    Lack of time for each other.
•    More than one love affair.

Love either gives us more pleasure or pain. It is also very difficult in a relationship to know whether it is love or lust. But it is more difficult to get confirmed does the person you love loves you or not? When in love, then how to propose is also an issue. And when both compliments each other with ‘yes’ then how to keep your relation away from all the clashes and arguments.

Planet Nakshatra and Yoga in terms of astrology.

•    Bhav-Fifth, seventh, eleventh.
•    Planets- Venus, Moon, Mars.
•    Nakshatra – Purvafalguni, Purvashadha,Bharni, Rohini, Hast, Mrigshira, Saawan, Chitra, Dhanistha.
•    Dasha-Venus, Moon or Panchmesh.

Venus is a planet which bestows us with love . Venus is considered as a female planet. Venus is also considered to be the factors of husband, wife, love affair, pleasure, luxury and happiness. The sun, moon and Mars are mainly responsible for love relations. If blessed by  Venus, life is filled with love.

The fifth house in the horoscope represents the love relationship and seventh house, the life partner . If the lord of 5th and 7th house are sitting together in 5th house or 7th house and looking at each other than this position of planets in one’s birth chart hints for love marriage. Placement of lord of 5th house and 11th house also results in love marriage.
If the sight of Venus is falling on the fifth house or if it is looking at the moon, then the feeling of love increases in such a condition.
If there is a connection between Venus and Mars in the horoscope or if they have any relation , then in such a situation, love can blossom your life.

All the above situations makes the possibility of love marriage in the horoscope. But there are some situations in which lets your happy love life gets spoiled . This happens because of inauspicious planets. When Venus and Mars are together, then Love Yoga is created in such a way, but if Saturn is looking at them then such love bonds can be broken. Venus’ movement in the moon is also considered good for love relations in your horoscope but when it is afflicted by Saturn , then this becomes a vish- yoga which leads to misunderstandings and arguments between the couples upon useless topics resulting in split of relation between the two.

Mar 13, 21 06:24 pm