Mole in the body and their auspicious and inauspicious effects

Body parts                           Results
Mole on the forehead-  To get wealthy
Right side of the forehead – Increase in dignity
In the mid of the Eyebrows- Travels
Left eye – Conflict with the females
Right eye – Special bond with the ladies chin – satisfactory relation with women
Left cheek – expenses of money
RIGHT cheek – Addition in money
Upper lip –  Lost in Lust
Lower lip – lack of wealth
Ear – middle age
NECK – Gets comfort
RIGHT ARM – Gets name and fame
NOSE – Travels
LEFT ARM – Frequent quarrels
LEFT CHEST – Fights with the women
RIGHT CHEST – Loves women
CLEAVAGE –  Happy life
HEART – Wise person
RIBS – Timid in nature
BACK – Gain in journies
STOMACH – Fond of delicious food
WAIST – Troubled mind
RIGHT PALM –  wealthy
LEFT PALM – Extravagant
RIGHT LEG – Frequent travels
LEFT LEG –  Wastage of Money
FOOT – Excess Travelling



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