Problems related to Children

Have you ever thought that there are certain changes in every child in their puberty period ? Some changes are good some are bad. What is the reason that our children follow the wrong path and bad company.

Parents want to give their children good education and bright future according to their potential. And these children adopt bad habits like lying, robbery ,rage, drug and alcohol addiction and indecent behaviour. Today we will make you aware of these things related to children. Why do children adopt such bad habits due to which parents have to face embarrassment in the society and the future of children gets spoiled .

We will get to know this through astrology

Due to which yoga do children follow wrong paths and what is the role of planets and stars in this and what are its remedies?

Childhood is a stage where the children will do as they are taught, they get most effected by their living environment. They start learning good and bad things from the family, the society and their surroundings. All these leave an impact on children’s mind which brings change in their behaviour. Some of their habits do please us in early childhood but it gets troublesome while growing up.
Like – To get angry easily, Stubborn, speak loudly, argumentative, fight with siblings, misbehaviour with parents, avoid listening to anybody, to abuse, steal, get drug addicted etc are the bad habits that are adopted by the children.

One on hand where we blame the family environment and bad company of the children, have we ever thought that stars and planets play a major role in all this.
Due to which inauspicious star, planet, dasha or bhav affect children negatively?
Let’s get know about this with the help of astrology.

Planets – Moon, Mars, Saturn, Rahu And Ketu
Bhaavlagna – 2nd house, 3rd house, 5th house, 6th house, 11th house and 12th house.
Dasha – Saturn, Moon, Rahu, Mars.

Moon has  special effect in children’s horoscope for eight years since birth. Moon rules our mind and leads good relation with our mother. It governs all mental thoughts upto the age of 8 years.

The moon leads good bad behaviour in children. When the yoga of Moon occurs in the horoscope with the inauspicious planets like  Mars, Saturn, Rahu Ketu, then this leads to bad and immoral behaviour in children like lying, robbery, abusing, fighting, drug addict etc.
From the health prospective, problems like eye disease, hysteria, arrogancy, memory loss, irritation, rage, mental stress etc arises due to malefic effects of moon.

Mar 13, 21 06:21 pm