Results of falling lizard upon the various body parts

At the time of falling lizard on the body, whatever clothes worn at that time, should be continued till completing bath . Then we should donate sesame seeds, black gram, ghee and as much wealth as we can. Reciting the Mahamritunjay mantra would be beneficial.

ORGAN                       RESULT

HEAD                       Gain of land
SKULL                     Beauty enhancement
NOSE                      Fortune growth
RIGHT EAR             Age gain
LEFT EAR               Gain of ornaments
RIGHT ARM            Gains respect
LEFT ARM ,             Loss of wealth, fear of state
THROAT                  Destruction of enemy
BACKBONE            Tribulation and discord
LEFT BACK             Fear from disease
RIGHT BACK           Gets pleasure
RIGHT SHOULDER      Gets victory, success
LEFT SHOULDER    Fear from enemies
WAIST                       Fear from disease
RIGHT THIGH           Loss of wealth
LEFT THIGH             Gain from Son
RIGHT HAND            Gain of Wealth
LEFT HAND               Loss of Wealth
NAVAL                       Gain of Son
HEART                      Gets happiness, becomes
KIDNEY                    Fear of disease
GENITAL                  Meeting an old friend
RIGHT LEG            Journey
LEFT LEG                Disease – Discord
TOES                       Travelling
NECK                     Gets glory

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