There Are Two Types of Lines in Hand

TYPES OF HANDS – Various figures of hands are revealed under this part, the future of the person is decided through hand and fingers of his hand etc. After observation of the palmistry, some special shape of hands is noted –

1.The hand of the lower class
2.Square hands
3. Spatulate Hands
4.Conical hands
5. Knotty hands
6. Pointed hands
7.Elemental hands
8.Mixed hands
9. Other than these the thumb of hand.

If hand is considered a body then its soul is the thumb. If a person’s future is determined then 70% of it can be predicted from the thumb. Only the condition is That it should be seen and observed properly.
Apart from this future can also be predicted with the finger nails.

Major lines –
• Heart line
• Life line
• Head line
• Sun line
• Health line
• Fate line
• Marriage line

Minor lines –
• Moon line
• Talent line
• Travel line
• Children line
• Bracelet line
• Highpost line
• Marshal line
• Apollo line
• Side line
• Sudden line

1- Venus area – below the original place of thumb.
2 – The Jupiter area – below the origin of the index finger.
3- Saturn area – below the original place of middle finger
4- Sun field – below the original location of ring finger.
5 – Mercury area – below the original location of pinkie finger
6- Mars region –

These are of two types:
•Below the Jupiter region
• In the middle of the Moon and Mercury region.

7- Moon region – This lies in the second region of Mars and near the Venus region.

• Ring of Jupiter
• Ring of Mars
• Saturn ring
• Venus ring
• Ring of Sun

Elephant, fish, Sedan, horse, lion, garland, trishul, plane, sun, peacock, urn, hook, goddess Laxmi, swastik, sword, throne, well, chariot, tree of heaven, bow, plough, mace, lake, flag, legs, moon, tortoise, weeds, wheel, mirror, vajra, conch, hexagon, Shree, barley sign in thumb, triangular crown, barley festoon.

In this way, the future, past and the present is determined by explaining the key signs in the hand.

PALMISTRY : It is a confidential science which is as secret as it was during ancient times. The subject of this scripture is summarized here, that can be obtained only by the study and experience of the self .
You can contact in case you need more information or want to know about your future through palmistry. Here all your problems will be solved through proper remedies.

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