Why does sexual problems occur? We will get to know through astrology.

We often say that astrology is the subject of contemplation and study. It is an incomparable heritage given to us by our saints and sages , through which we can know all the good and bad events that occur in the future and can calm its inauspicious effects. Today, as much as our faith is on science, the same we have on astrology also. Only through astrology we get to know the future problems and how can they harm and harass us, otherwise there are no such scriptures except astrology which can predict the future.

Today, we will explain to you about the issues related to sexual relation, through astrology and medical science and how  these problems spoil the happy life of a person. As a result, a person has to face embarrassment in society. And also they are devoid of happy married life.

We will also make you aware of the bad consequences of how a person becomes involved in rape and other criminal acts due to excessive sexual desire.

We will get to know through –
•    Medical Science
•    Astrology
•    Criminal Activities

Only while listening of sex, we get excited towards the opposite sex. But when there is talk of knowledge related to them, everyone feels shy , how can anyone open these things in the society? In our society talking about the sex is considered an uncultured deed. Then how can we introduce with the people, for this proper knowledge is required and people should also get aware regarding this subject.

First, we will Understand sex problems through medical science.

•    Medical Science

Today, when science is developing so rapidly, people are getting a lot of benefits from it, and man is also utilizing its profit whether it is a technical condition or by medical sciences. Today, Medical Sciences with the help of technology has  diagnosed many serious problems through which diseases like cancer, tumour, heart problems are being cured. Sexual problem is also a serious issue through the infection of which the person has to stay in trouble all through life and has to bear the pain as that of death. In general, people do not know about sex problems today, many people still think that sexual (sex) Problems are masturbation, swelling, premature ejaculation and weakness, but in fact, when we look at sexual problems in medical science, then there are different problems of men and women, Mainly are as follows-

Sexual Problems :-

Men’s Problems
•    Lack of will power
•    Stress in the body
•    Capacity of entering
•    Lack of pleasure

Women’s problems
•    Lack of will power
•    Wet private part
•    Feel of entrance
•    Lack in pleasure

Both men and women have serious problems with unprotected sex such as (AIDS). This is a very serious problem, of which medical science is still looking for its treatment. Even today, thousands of people die through sexual problems. And many parents are deprived of child bliss. One should Contact high-level doctors for their appropriate treatment.

Criminal Activities –

Sexual problems is not only physical; It also  causes a person to suffer mentally . When a person is affected by these problems adversely , then he commits a crime, in which rape or physical abuse is common.
A person suffering from this problem has an excessive desire for sex (sex) whose side-effects cause one to commit crime.
Why do One suffer from Sex problems be it physically or mentally. Here we will know through the astrology-


When we understand any topic through many aspects, it becomes very easy to understand and at the same time, there are simple and appropriate measures for the diagnosis.

Here are some basic ways to know about sexual problems through astrology:

Planet, bhav, zodiac, nakshatra and yoga play a major role, in our ancient astrological texts, the yoga related to sex is as follows:

(1) – Problems of Venereal and serious diseases.

Lagnesh Mars or the sign of mercury (Aries, Scorpion, Virgo, Gemini) is present in any of these signs and placed in any bhav and is in the eye of its enemy then the native suffers from disease nearby  Anal.
Sixth male zodiac sign (Aries, Gemini, Leo, libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius) are in their own superior sign and are effected by the sight of malefic planets then the person suffers with Venereal disease.

(2)-Lack of Will power and problem of Weakness.

•    When Venus is in zodiac house of transit planet during the birth time of native then he is not able to satisfy the opposite sex on the bed.
•    When the lagnesh watches the planets placed in the 7th house, the person fails to satisfy the women during intercourse.
•    In the same way when the Saturn and moon are placed together from 10th or 4th house of Mars then one cannot fulfil the sexual desires of a women.

Excess Lust and Weakness –

•    When mars and Venus is together placed in lagnesh then the person is very passionate about sex. If it is in the vision of sin planets then the person is erotic in nature. If Venus is in its own sign taurus, libra or Gemini then the person has much craving for sex.
•    If Saturn is in zodiac house of Sagittarius or taurus and placed in lagna then the native has less interest in sex.

Problem of Impotency –

•    When the sun is in its unfavourable zodiac house and moon is placed in its own house and they both are looking at each other or when the moon is in its unfavourable house and sun in its own house and both are looking at each other.
•    When Saturn and mercury is placed in its favourable or unfavourable zodiac and are looking at each other.
•    When the sun is in unfavourable house and Mars is in its own house.
•    When the sun is in its own house and Mars is in its unfavourable house.
•    When the moon is placed in its unfavourable house and the Mars looks at it.
•    When the Mars looking at the moon is placed in its unfavourable house and mercury placed in its own house.
When the male zodiac sign in navmasa or lagna has Venus or moon then in these situation the native is impotent.

Problems of rape (Philanderer) –

During the birth time when Venus, Mercury are in 8th, 7th house or 10th house then the person is Philanderer. When Venus or Mars is in 7th or 10th house then person becomes a womanizer.
When Venus – Mars is in 4th or 10th house the person is licentious. When Venus is placed in 10th house from the moon and in 4th house from Saturn then the person is Philanderer.
Mercury, Venus and Saturn are in 7th and 10th house and Venus is in its own house then person is licentious.

Here through some astrological studies, we have described the yoga in which sex problems arises. Sex plays an important role in the life Cycle but it is a bliss when in balance. And when it turns in form of problems into body and mind then it gives invitation to the troubles and hurdles in life.

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